Hire additional staff to scale up your business

Want to expand your team for a low cost? At Digital Agency Nordic you get access to support staff based on your needs; on hourly base, monthly base or as a dedicated full-time employee.

Flexible access to consultants within digital marketing and administration

Choose when or how often you need consultants for your business.

Hourly basis

In case of high load, lack of time or sudden illnesses, hire support staff for shorter assignments.


Hire consultants who grow with your business and can take on more responsibility.


Do you have a short deadline? We can deliver up to 200 hours of work in one day.

Together with Swedish project management, we can offer high quality delivery for an unbeatable low cost!

We help you scale up your business.

Our project managers take care of the review and training of your projects. We create the process and ensure that the staff is well understood with the work ahead of the start. After the work we quality assure to ensure that you as a customer get the highest quality on project handover.

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Our process

How we ensure quality

1. Project planning

We identify your needs and develop a customized process. Our overall expertise helps you tackle the obstacle and develops a solution that meets your criteria.


From the created process, we develop training material and train your consultants to ensure they are ready to handle the project.

3.Project execution

We run the project and our QC team assures the project quality during the work.

4.Feedback session

After the first 8 hours, we take the first check to see that we have met all the criteria. Thereafter, continuous checkups are made based on project requirements.


You will receive continuous reporting on how the hours are consumed on a weekly or monthly basis as per agreement.


We see every completed project as the start of a new one. When the current assignment is submitted, we evaluate the project together with you. A good base is created, which will be the starting point for starting up and planning the next collaboration.

Vår process

Hur vi levererar kvalité


Vi identifierar dina behov och tar fram ett skräddarsydd process. Vår samlade kompetens hjälper dig tackla hindret och tar fram en lösning som uppfyller dina kriterier.


Från den skapta processen tar vi fram utbildningsmaterial och genomgår utbildningar tills kandidaterna är redo.


Vi kör igång med projektet och vår QC team kvalitetssäkrar projektet under arbetets gång.


Efter 8h tar vi en första avstämning för att se att vi uppfyller alla kriterier. Därefter sker kontunerliga avstämningar enligt projektbehov.


Du får en kontinuerlig rapportering på hur timmarna förbrukas veckovis eller månadsvis enligt överenskommelse.


Efter projektöverlämning utvärderar vi projektet tillsammans med dig. Här skapas ett bra beslutsunderlag som blir utgångspunkten till vår nästkommande samarbete.

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